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  1. K Brown says:


    Everytime I change the font in CSS for GoDaddy to Arial, it changes the pics back to the original template. Can you help?


    • Kirkland says:

      This sounds like a genuine error, in either Website Tonight or your code.

      I can tell you that if you make a mistake in your CSS then none of the CSS after that error will work. To check to see if you are making a mistake move that line in your code to the very bottom of the Advanced CSS box. That way, all your other CSS modifications will be executed before it attempts that line of code. If that fixes the problem then we know its an error in your code, so go back over it with a fine toothed comb.

      If its an error in Website Tonight then it will most likely be temporary (aka: a “known issue”). If it doesn’t resolve itself in a couple days then call and report it to your Website Tonight provider. You may be the first person to bring it to their attention.

      Good Luck
      ~ Kirkland

  2. chip says:

    i want to make my site a member site. not a paid member site but make them “join” in order to use the forum ad hopefully a chatroom. can i do this? i have heard u cant but i find it hard to believe that no1 using website tonight ever had this on their site.

    also if i can do this then how do i get a better forum than the 1 website tonight offers on my site. i created a very good one but when i put the html code in the box it just gives a link. i want them not to leave the site in order to use it.

    • Kirkland says:

      Hello Chip,

      The features you are referring to are not built into the Website Tonight application at this time. The average Website Tonight user simply wants an informational site. There are many web-building platforms that offer the type of functionality you are describing, but not Website Tonight. I recommend looking into WordPress. Its a bit more advanced, but FAR more customizable, feature rich, and flexible.


  3. mike morgan says:

    The way I understand website tonight is that it works in layers and that you can put blocks behind other blocks. I added the facebook like snippet right below the menu and now when I click on the menu button right above the facebook like snippet the submenu appears behind the facebook like snippet. How do I change this so the submenu appears above the snippet?

    • admin says:

      Hello Mike,

      I browsed around on your site and I can’t see where you put the Facebook “like” button. Post another comment with a direct link to the page you have the like button on (I can’t see it unless you publish first).

      However, I can see that you have a floating content block on the home page above the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons. Looks like the block has an empty link in it (was set to go to your YouTube channel). I can’t say for certain (because I’m not logged into your Website Tonight account – I’m just looking at the code) but from what I can tell the floating block is what’s interfering with the drop-down menus from the bottom row of menu buttons. Remove (or move) that floating block and the drop-down menus will work again.

      If that’s was the block you are trying to put the Facebook like button in, then delete the floating block and instead put this code at the very top of the box your page title is in…

      <div style="float:right;">

      This will position the Facebook like button in about the same place, but without covering your drop-down menus.

      Also, you may want to consider using a template with a vertical navigation bar. Vertical navigation menus work better for websites that have lots of categories and content like your website does. It allows you to have lots of links in the navigation menu without overlapping them.

      Hope that helps.

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