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  1. mark cobrin says:


    I am still building my site and am trying to have a download button for people to
    download a ringtone (.m4r file.) I followed your advice and for a .mp3…no problem, but not
    for a .m4r file. Any suggestions?



    • Kirkland says:

      You can call your Website Tonight provider and ask if they now accept .m4r files, but if they don’t then sadly you’re out of luck. If they do then let me know so that I can update my list of accepted file types in Website Tonight.

      Alternatively you can create a link to the file hosted somewhere else online. If doesn’t need to be uploaded to your Website Tonight account for you to create a download link to it.

      Good Luck,

  2. Markus says:

    Hi Kirkland,

    Heads-up! ‘You are’ the first website, from which I really do get ANY USABLE content, tips and tricks and ‘how to get around certain limitations’ advice.

    Keep up your great work – there are many which would be glad to know about ‘your existence’.

    I have just come across your site by searching around for ANSWERS, for questions, I could not find answers for so long.

    I don’t care so much, that I can’t access ftp directly, hence having the chance of tweaking the site nicely with custom HTML and JAVA scripts.

    Certainly I will right away bookmark your site as THE AUTHORITY on website tonight.

    Best wishes and thanks once again,


  3. Trying to add a download link to the Sermon online page, so the MP3 file can also be downloaded. The MP3 files are online, they are being played in the audio player. But, when doing a the “Create Link”, then “Upload” there are no files listed. What am I doing wrong?

    • Kirkland says:

      Hi Mark,

      I can confirm that if you upload an MP3 you can create a link for users to download it just as you described. Just to be certain I just went through the steps and it worked for me. I see the MP3 file when I select the Upload option after clicking the “Create a Link” icon.

      It possible to use an MP3 file in an audio player on Website Tonight without uploading the MP3. When you insert an audio file it allows you to upload the file to Website Tonight or provide the URL of the file if you do not want to host it. Perhaps your audio players are using MP3 files hosted elsewhere.

      To be certain check the audio players by opening the content block in the page designer (edit mode) and double clicking on them. This will give you a popup that shows you where Website Tonight is getting the file from. Also follow the instructions in Step 1 above and look through the list of files you have uploaded to make sure its there. If it is then I recommend calling your Website Tonight provider and showing them the problem. In the mean time you can always just put the code for the download link in using the HTML editing option. The code looks like this…

      <a href="wstxuploadlink:uploads/YOUR-FILE-NAME.mp3" rel="nofollow">THE_LINK_TEXT</a>

      Obviously you need to replace YOUR-FILE-NAME and THE_LINK_TEXT with something appropriate.

      Hope that solves the issue for you,
      ~ Kirkland

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