Glossary of Website Tonight Terminology

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Anchor Link

A standard link (aka. “hyperlink”) takes you to a new webpage on the internet. An “Anchor Link” is a link that takes you to a specific location on a webpage, usually on the same page as the anchor link. Click this link to learn how to use Anchor Links.


In relation to Website Tonight the term “Designer” can have multiple meanings.

  1. See the definition for “Page Designer” below.
  2. See the definition for “Website Tonight Designer” below.

Download Link

A “Download Link” allows your website visitors to download a file from your website. The downloadable file can be a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, MP3, or any other type of file that meets the upload limitations in Website Tonight. To learn more about uploads, download links, and the file upload requirements in Website Tonight read, “Creating Download Links in Website Tonight“.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a very large Website Tonight provider known for their racy Super Bowl commercials. Also known as; GoDaddy, GD, and

Image Library

The Image Library is where you can select from hundreds of free images, upload your own images, or purchase professional stock photos to use on your website.

Instant Page

Instant Page is a single-page website builder that uses the Website Tonight Page Designer (see “Page Designer” below) and is often included for free with the purchase of a domain name from a Website Tonight provider. Also known as InstantPage.

  • A single domain can not use Instant Page and Website Tonight simultaneously.
  • The Instant Page and Website Tonight templates are not the same.
  • Most of the instructions on this website also apply to Instant Page because Instant Page uses the Website Tonight Page Designer (see “Page Designer” below).

Nerd Warehouse

Nerd Warehouse is one of the largest and most well known Website Tonight providers. Also known as; NerdWarehouse, NW, and : Website Tonight Plans and Prices

Page Designer

The Page Designer is the “back end” or “design side” of the Website Tonight application. This is the part of the program you will use to edit your website, as opposed to the website it generates. Also known as, the “Website Tonight Designer”.

Pre-Built Design

The term “Pre-Built Design” refers to the templates available in Website Tonight that already have text and images added to them (text + images = content). The purpose of the pre-built designs is to eliminate much of the work the user would normally put into formatting the content on their website. With a pre-built design you simply need to replace the text and images with your own. There are roughly 100 pre-built template designs that are included with Website Tonight.

Script Box

A “script box” is used to add code to Website Tonight that is more advanced than HTML. For example, if you have code for a widget or email signup form that uses JavaScript or some other type of advanced code then you will need to use the script box feature to add it to your site. Inserting advanced code into the HTML editor will not work.

Upload File

An “Upload File” is a file that has been uploaded to Website Tonight, such as an image, auto clip, or PDF. Image upload files do not work the same as the images added to the Image Library (see the definition for Image Library above). Click to see which types of files can be uploaded and the Limitations for Uploading Files in Website Tonight.

Upload Link

See “Download Link”.

Website Tonight

Website Tonight is an extremely popular do-it-yourself website builder that uses simple point-and-click tools that make it easy and fun to build your own website without experience or knowledge of HTML.

Website Tonight Designer

The term “Website Tonight Designer” has two meanings.

  1. A web designer that specializes in building sites with Website Tonight.
    • Because Website Tonight is a DIY web builder finding a web designer that specializes in designing websites with Website Tonight is very rare.
  2. See the definition for “Page Designer” above.


WST is an acronym for WebSite Tonight.

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