How to Add a Meta Tag to Website Tonight

This post is NOT about the meta keywords tag or the meta description tag. This post is about custom (aka: generic, random, etc) meta tags.

There are hundreds of reasons you may want or need to add a meta tag to one of the pages you built in Website Tonight. For that reason I am going to assume you already generally know what a meta tag does and the purpose of adding the one you are trying to add. There’s a good chance the source that motivated you to add the meta tag showed you an example that looked something like this…

<meta name=”SOMETHING” content=”SOMETHING“>

When using Website Tonight the only parts you care about are the SOMETHING and SOMETHING …WITHOUT the quotes.

How to Add a Custom Meta Tag in Website Tonight

  1. Log in to your Website Tonight account.
  2. Navigate to the page of your site where you want to add a FB thumbnail option.
  3. Click the Page tab (top center).
  4. Hover over the Properties icon (top center under the Page tab).
  5. Select Meta Data from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click the Add Meta Tag button (bottom left).
    • From here you will see a Name field and a Content field. Put the info from the meta tag you are trying to create into the corresponding field. (no quotes)
  7. Click the Apply button (bottom right).
  8. Use the Pages drop-down menu (upper right) to select another page.
    • Repeat steps 3 – 7 for each page where you want the meta tag to be added.
  9. Publish your Website Tonight project.

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