How to Move Website Tonight to a Different Host

There are millions of people that have used Website Tonight to build their site, so it’s not that uncommon for someone to ask, “How do I move the site I built with Website Tonight to a different hosting provider?” The answer…

Website Tonight is both a website builder and the hosting for your website. For that reason you can’t move the website you built with Website Tonight to another host.

This is true of every website builder. Whether you build your website with Homestead, Network Solutions, or any other company’s point-and-click website builder, your website is tied to that framework (aka. platform, back-end, etc). Without it your website will not work. This is one of the major downsides of every easy-to-use website builder.

However, you can always download all of your uploaded images and files from Website Tonight, so you can use them to rebuild your site somewhere else. You can also take all the text that you added to the content blocks by simply copying it from Website Tonight and pasting it into the new website builder.

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