Website Tonight Fonts

There are 36 fonts installed in Website Tonight (listed below) that you can use for your site title, page titles, links, main content or any other text on your website. If you want to use a font from Website Tonight to make business cards, flyers, brochures or other print media then you will need to download the font and install it on your computer first. After it’s installed the font will automatically be available in any program on your computer that uses fonts (ex: MS Word, Photoshop, etc). To make it easy I packed all the fonts that Website Tonight offers into a single download.

All 36 Website Tonight Fonts

Airstream, Anagram, Arial, Arial Black, Boston Traffic, Comic Sans MS, Comic Zine, Courier New, EastMarket, Garamond, Georgia, Helsinki, Impact, Jungle Fever, Know Your Product, Learning Curve Pro, Lucida Console, Lucida Grande, Metro, Monotype Corsiva, MS Sans Serif, MS Serif, Palatino, Plug-NickelBlack, Quigley Wiggly, SeasideResort, Shangri La, SouciSans, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Umbrage, Veggieburger, Verdana, WoodenNickelBlack, Xeophone

How to Download Website Tonight Fonts

Example Download Button

To use a Website Tonight font outside of Website Tonight click the download button then find your type of computer below and follow the instructions.

How to Install a Font on Your Computer

I have Windows 7 so that’s the only operating system (OS) that I can provide tested instructions for. However, I have created a few links to help you find the step-by-step instructions you need to install Website Tonight fonts on other types of computers.

If you use anything besides Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and MAC OS X then go to Google and search, “How to install fonts on _____”. Fill in the blank with your OS and I’m sure you will find several sites with step-by-step instructions.

Instructions for Windows 7

  1. Click the button above to download all 36 fonts from Website Tonight.
  2. Find the download on your computer. The default download directory is at…
    • C:\Users\Your_User_Name\Downloads
  3. Double click the zip folder titled to open it.
  4. Highlight all the files in the download and drag them out of the download folder. Anywhere; your desktop, a new folder, your Downloads folder, it doesn’t matter.
  5. With the font files highlighted right-click your mouse and select Install.
You may need to restart the program (ex: Word, Photoshop, etc) for the font to become available. You should not need to restart your computer.

2 Replies to Website Tonight Fonts

  1. Bonnie says:

    How can I change the font size for the header on my home page? It is too big to fit all the letters – would like to make it a little smaller to fit my entire domain name.

    • Kirkland says:

      You can change the font size, and many other “styles”, via the Advanced CSS feature. If you need help finding this screen call your Website Tonight provider. You will also need to know basic CSS. I would have given you the answer, but your website isn’t live.

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