Order History

The following instructions will guide you through how to find and review your order history with either or Steps 2 and 3 are identical for both companies. You can search for any receipt you want all the way back to the first order, but our examples are going to assume that you are looking for orders associated with your Website Tonight account.

Step #1 – How to Find Your Order History Customers

  1. Click this link to login at (login is top center).
  2. Click My Account (navigation bar – far right).
  3. Scroll down to the Recent Orders section (center), and then click the View Order History link on the far right-hand side (magnifying glass icon). Customers

  1. Click this link to jump to your Order History Page (opens in a new window).
  2. If Needed - Log into your account with your username and password.

Step #2 – How to Filter Your Order History

Just above the receipt preview area (center) you will see two filtering options. They are “By Domain Name”, and “By Product Type”. The easiest way to find the original receipt for a Website Tonight account is to use the By Product Type drop-down menu to select Website Tonight, and then click Go.

This will find any receipt that includes Website Tonight (new purchases, renewals, or upgrades), and list them in the right-hand sidebar. They are ordered from the most recent (top) to your very first order (bottom). Each row in the sidebar shows the receipt number, purchase date, and order total. To review an order click on the receipt number.

Since we are looking for the original purchase of your Website Tonight account you should start at the last receipt on the list. If you have an extensive order history then you will see numbers above the list of receipts that will show you older orders. Go to the last page of receipts (use the arrows that point right), then scroll down to the receipt at the bottom and start there.

Step #3 – Identify the Original Website Tonight Receipt

You will notice that details are included under Website Tonight on each receipt. One of those details is the domain name associated with that Website Tonight account. This should help you find the correct sequence of receipts if you have more than one Website Tonight account. When you first purchased Website Tonight you did not have a domain name assigned to it yet. So, original Website Tonight purchases will not have the domain name in the details.