What browser should I use for Website Tonight?

Website Tonight is entirely “web based”. That means you can design, publish, and update your website online without downloading or installing anything. Of course you will need an internet connection, and you should also use one of the browsers listed below. Website Tonight will work with other browsers, but it’s designed to work with these, so you will have less trouble if you stick to the browsers in this list.

PC Users:

Internet Explorer® v6.0 or later
Download IE
Firefox™ v3.0 or later (PC)
Download Firefox
Google Chrome® (PC)
Download Chrome

MAC Users:

Safari™ 4.x or higher
Download Safari
Firefox™ 3.0 or later (MAC)
Download Firefox
Google Chrome® (MAC)
Download Chrome

If you are using one of the browsers listed above but are having trouble with Website Tonight, then it may be due to the fact that you changed or added something to the browser. For example, if you turned on the pop-up blocker setting, changed the security level, turned off JavaScript, etc, then that may interfere with Website Tonight. To test this simply click the download link next to another one of the compatible browsers (they’re all free and auto install) and work on your Website Tonight project using the new browser to see if that solves the problem. If it does then you can keep using the new browser, or go back through the settings on the former browser changing them one at a time till you find the problem. Up to you.

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