Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I FTP to Website Tonight?

  2. Technically speaking there is no FTP access into Website Tonight, but there is an “Upload Files” option which is what you are probably looking for. For more information about FTP access into Website Tonight and the “Upload Files” option read, “How to FTP to Website Tonight“.

  3. How do I login to Website Tonight?

  4. There are two ways to log in to the Website Tonight designer. Click here for detailed instructions on both ways you can log in to your Website Tonight account, and what to do if you are having trouble logging in.

  5. How do I change my Website Tonight password?

  6. There are a couple different ways to change your Website Tonight password. The easiest way is to make the change through the Website Tonight page designer. Click here for instructions on how to change your website tonight password.

  7. What is Website Tonight?

  8. Website Tonight is an Internet-based, do-it-yourself website building tool. With it, users at almost any level of experience are able to build a Web site that looks professional. No knowledge of HTML or any website building skills are required, but they do help. Website Tonight is sold by some of the largest hosting providers on the Internet and is developed by industry leading developers. Pro Site Tonight promotes and endorses Website Tonight for its usability, quality, and affordability. Learn More About Website Tonight

  9. Where can I buy Website Tonight?

  10. You can only purchase Website Tonight through a licensed provider. There are many reputable hosting providers that offer Website Tonight hosting plans. Personally I use and recommend Nerd Warehouse

  11. Can I remove the ads from my Website Tonight?

  12. Removing the banner of ads from the free demo credit is a violation of the terms of service with your Website Tonight provider. If you would like to remove the advertisements you will have to upgrade your account from the free credit to a full version. Click here to read about upgrading your free Website Tonight account.