How to Setup Website Tonight for the First Time

Setting up your new Website Tonight account is very simple to do and shouldn’t take you any longer than 5 minutes. Simply enter the information it asks for when you first log in, make a few selections from some straight forward options, and you’re ready to start customizing. After the initial setup is complete you can use all the plug-and-play features in Website Tonight to add text, images, music, Flash, slideshows, and virtually anything else you could want to your new website. When you have your website just the way you want, you’re ready to make it live online.

New Website Tonight Setup Instructions

If you purchased your Website Tonight account from then skip step number 2 because it does not apply to you.
  1. Log in to your Go Daddy or Nerd Warehouse account (whichever applies to you).
  2. Click the My Account button in the navigation bar (upper right).
  3. Expand the My Products section in the left sidebar (click on My Products).
  4. Click Website Tonight (under My Products).
  5. Click the Launch button across from New Account (on the right). Website Tonight will now ask you for some information about your website.
    • Company or Individual Name Type your company name (or your name for a personal site) the way you want it to display on the website. This will be included on every page next to “copyright” in the footer.
    • Email Address This is the email address tied to any contact forms that you build. Read, “Contact Email Address in Website Tonight” for more info.
  6. Put a check mark in the box next to, “I have read and agree…”, and then click OK. Website Tonight will now ask you for additional information.
    • Domain Select the domain you want to use with this Website Tonight account. If the domain is not in the drop-down menu then it is either not in this [GoDaddy or NerdWarehouse] account, or it is already being used with something else (i.e. regular hosting). If you are already using the domain with something else then you will need to cancel that first, then wait upto 30 minutes (it usually only takes 3 to 5 minutes) for it to be available to use.
    • Login Create a user name and password, then retype the password to confirm there are no typos. You can use this information to login directly to Website Tonight later. Read, “How to Login to Website Tonight” for more info.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Get Started. You can now select from the following options:
    You can restart and choose a different option from below at any time.
    • Select a Pre-Built Site Website Tonight has over 90 templates that include generic text, images, page titles, navigation buttons, etc. You can change any of the included text, images, etc, after you get started. This option gives you a jump-start if you don’t know how you want your content to be displayed.
    • Select a Template Choose from over 300 templates that will give you the basic structure of a website and leave it up to you to put in all the text, images, and other features you plan to add. This is the option most people select.
    • Start from Scratch If you choose this option then Website Tonight will start you with a blank white page, not a template. You can use all the features in Website Tonight to add to your blank page, but unless you want a very plain website you should go with a different option.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup your Website Tonight account.

Completing the steps above will not make your website live on the internet. To do that you will need to add your content and publish first.
If you are using a .MOBI domain name you will only be able to add mobile page layouts. Traditional page layouts will not be an option for you.

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  1. gail walraed says:

    how do we save changes made to a page before we hit the publish button

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