Website Tonight Backups

Having a backup of your website is like wearing a seatbelt when you drive. It might not seem important now, but when things crash it suddenly becomes crucial. If your website is important to you then having a backup should be equally as important. Luckily a backup feature is built into Website Tonight.

  1. Login to Website Tonight.
  2. Make sure the Site tab is selected in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Hover over Manage in the upper left hand corner.
  4. Select Backup/Restore from the dropdown menu.
  5. Create a name for your backup.
  6. Click the Save Web Site button.

Usually backups will only take a couple of minutes. How long your backup takes will depend on the size of your site, how often you backup (fewer changes = faster backup), the speed of your internet connection, whether or not this is your first backup (first backup often takes longer), and how many other users are backing up their websites at that moment.

Now that your backup has been created you should see the name, a time stamp, and a restore option. You can restore it whenever you would like by clicking the up arrow button to the right of the backup.


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