Logo Design for Your Website Tonight

I took this video from the home page of 99designs.com. It explains how 99 Designs works, and why its the smarter way to get a logo design.

Problems with Traditional Logo Design Services

  • You pay before you see any of the work.
  • If you do not like any of the designs you still have to pay for the work.
  • The number of variations and revisions is limited.
  • Usually there is only one designer working on your project, so all the designs typically have the same concept or look-and-feel.

Every traditional logo design service has these issues. Whether you hire a big name company or freelance graphic artist, you will likely face some or all of these problems. However, there is a much better way to get quality affordable logo designs for your company or brand… “crowdsourced design”.

What is Crowdsourced Design?

Crowdsourced design is when a contest is held and a large group of people (aka: “community” or “crowd”) submit their designs to compete against each other. There are lots of advantages to crowdsourced logo design. Ultimately it boils down to the fact that you get to set your price, choose from dozens of professional custom made designs, and you only pay for the one logo you really love.

Benefits of 99 Designs

If you already watched the video above then you know that 99designs.com will organize a crowdsourced logo design contest for you. Keep in mind, this is no fly-by-night operation. 99 Designs has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and many other highly reputable publications.

  • You choose how much you want to pay.
  • Dozens of graphic designers submit multiple prototypes for you to review.
  • You leave feedback and they submit unlimited revisions.
  • In the end you only pay for the logo design you want.
  • If you do not want any of the logos you are not required to pay anything.

Crowdsourced design doesn’t just work for logos. At 99designs.com you can also hold contests for business card design, icon design, stationery design, brochure design, print & packaging design, T-shirt design, banner ad design, and even Twitter backgrounds.

To see some of the contests that are currently being held and the designs being submitted click this link >> Logo Design Contests, then click “Logo Design” on the home page, then click “Browse Projects” (top right).

You can even choose from thousands of pre-made logos. Pre-made logos are only $99 and their in-house design team will even add your business name free within 24 hours!

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