Adding Music to Photo Slideshows

This information only applies to you if you purchased your Website Tonight account after October 26th, 2010. How to Find Your Original Purchase Date

Website Tonight allows you to display photo galleries in a variety of ways; including, thumbnail previews, filmstrips, and slideshows. After creating a slideshow you have the option to add music to the slideshow that will play when the slideshow is being viewed.

How to Add Audio to a Photo Slideshow in WebSite Tonight

  1. Log into your Website Tonight account.
  2. Click the Photos and Videos tab (upper left).
  3. Select (or create) a gallery and then click the Slideshow button (top center).
  4. Directly under the Slideshow button you will see a drop-down menu titled Choose Music. Use it to select the audio track you want to add to your slideshow.

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