Blogging Photos from Hidden Galleries

Before you can share photos with your blog you must first add it to the Blog Photo List in Website Tonight. How to Post Gallery Photos on Your Blog.

Website Tonight has three privacy settings for galleries; Public, Private, and Password Protected. Every photo from every gallery can be shared with your blog regardless of the privacy setting. However, the privacy setting will determine who can see the picture.

  • Public allows anyone and everyone to see the pictures online.
  • Private blocks everyone. The pictures will only be viewable to you while you’re logged in to Website Tonight.
  • Password Protected blocks anyone that does not have a correct password. That means that you can share images in Password Protected galleries with your blog, but when someone visits your blog and clicks on a password-protected photo they will be asked for a password. If you have not given them a password then they will not be able to see the image.
If you change the privacy setting on a gallery from Public to Private or from Public to Password Protected then you need to manually remove the pictures from your blog that are in that gallery. Your blog will NOT automatically update to your new privacy settings.

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