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  1. Andrew says:

    It would be good to see a tutorial on how to work with text links, fonts colors etc. I have been using website tonight for over 8 years and I’m still having trouble. It took me over half an hour to add a link today. I find that when I create a text link it goes to the blue color then when I try to change it it changes back to blue when I click save, the only work around I’ve found is to highlight half the word at a time and change the color/font etc then go back and change the other half. I also have links with a different color underline but can’t figure out how to repeat it. Usually I just copy and paste an existing one to create a new one in that format then change the word, this creates problems however as the link reverts back to the one I just pasted not the new one I try to change it to. Only way around it is to do it in two halves again like when changing the font and color. It gets annoying and is very time consuming. Do you know if there is an easier way?

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