Custom Header Image
This template uses the default “change header image” feature built into Website Tonight. You can upload an image from your computer, use one from Website Tonight, or use one the header images included with this template. All of the header images in the examples above are included with this custom template.

Color Options

As with most of the custom templates by PROsiteTonight, all of the default color options in Website Tonight work as normal (titles, links, etc). However, when you change the background color on this theme it only changes the color behind and around the background image. The preview to the right (click to enlarge) demonstrates this. The colors in the background image can not be changed.

Custom Font
This template uses a custom font for the site title, as shown in all of the screenshots. You can change the site title as you normally would in Website Tonight, simply highlight the text and type your own. If you do not want to use the custom font for the site title then highlight the text and select any of the default fonts available in Website Tonight.

This template works with economy, deluxe, and premium Website Tonight accounts.

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