Creative Writer

The “Creative Writer” template is a redesign of the classic Website Tonight template called “Writer”. The entire design of the original theme was made from various shades of light gray, making the template feel drab and boring. In the redesign the same concept of looking down at a desk is used, but with a much more vibrant feel.

The yellow post-it note on the left side is where the navigation links go. This theme uses vertical navigation, so the post-it will automatically get longer as you add more pages to your website. For the screenshot above I created a few arbitrary page names that you might expect to find on an authors website, but of course you will get to create your own.

This theme will work great for any sort of author, creative writer, or artist (i.e. sketch art, cartoonists, etc). Depending on your industry it may also work well for an online resume.

This template works with economy, deluxe, and premium Website Tonight accounts.

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