Day Spa Massage

This theme was designed for massage parlors and day spas. The screenshot displays placeholder text for the company name, navigation links, page title, and content area. As with every website built using Website Tonight you can replace the placeholder text with your own and add images, links, widgets, or whatever else suits you to the main content area. However, it is important to note that this theme was not built to include drop-down menus in the navigation bar. If that is preventing you from purchasing the theme then contact me and we will work something out.

Color Options
The demo above uses a dark gray background and a teal color for the company title and navigation links. You can choose whatever colors you want and the theme will adopt them, which means that the theme will still have the checkered background pattern regardless of the color you set for the background (examples below). You can change the theme colors the same way you normally would in Website Tonight through the Advanced Color Options; the download includes instructions.

This template works with economy, deluxe, and premium Website Tonight accounts.

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