Thumbnail Options for Shared Links on Facebook

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  1. Linda says:

    Hi, we are currently running a mother’s day campaign on where each day we feature 2 new slides from the homepage. The # of thumbnails increased each day and we were able to choose the most recent thumbnail for our facebook share postings. However, in its 2nd week, it looks like the thumbnails are maxed at 10? However, when we look at the debugger it shows all images in the op:images! So is there a thumbnail maximum? if not, then why is it showing only 10 thumbnails when we should have 19?

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated as our campaign is coming to an end.

  2. Alvin says:

    HOLY CRAP! THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! Not even anyone at new what to do. As a matter of fact, I saw several posts from them saying it wasn’t even possible. You just made my week.

  3. Pam says:

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been googling this problem for 3 days… I didn’t fully understand meta tags and all of that before and I was getting INCREDIBLY frustrated because I just couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong… Anyway, after seeing this post and following you SUPER easy instructions, I now have a thumbnail beside my link!! ….And it only took me 5 minutes!! lol ~ Thanks for the help, you rock! ;)

    • Kirkland says:

      You’re welcome Pam!

      Now you can do me a favor… Show a little love and click one of the ad banners on the right side of the screen. It wont generate spam. It just tells the advertiser that I recommended them, so IF you make a purchase in the next month or so I will get a little kick-back. :)

      ~ Kirkland

  4. Jon says:

    So in Website Tonight, how do you find the full URL of the photo?

    • Kirkland says:

      It depends on how you upload the photo, but most likely the full URL will look like this…


      If you added the photo as an upload instead of through the Image Library then the URL will look like this…


      If you still can’t find it then add it to a content block, then just right-click on it and select the option “Copy Image URL” or “Copy Image Path” (verbiage may vary), then paste it somewhere – like a new browser window, Word, or notepad. That will get you the exact path, but be careful with this method. If you view your site in Preview Mode the URL will be the Preview Mode URL to the image and not always work when you publish the site.

      ~ Kirkland

  5. Paul says:

    I did exactly what you said and the facebook share thumbnails are exactly the same.

    I have tried a lot of different things including rechecking the url of the image.

    If you can help me resolve this it’d be much appreciated!

    FYI the white man in the black/ yellow box at the top left is the thumbnail I’m wanting to use.

    Got the url for the thumbnail from the live site.


    • Kirkland says:

      Hi Paul,

      I just approved and replied to a comment from Cherry below that answers your question. I also updated the post with a link to the Facebook tool that fixes this problem when you did everything right.


  6. Cherry says:


    I tried to follow all the instructions above, however, still I cannot find the new thumbnail I created in the metapage when I tried to share in the facebook.

    I look forward to your favorable response

    • Kirkland says:

      Hi Cherry,

      I looked at the code on your homepage and I can see that you successfully added a thumbnail for Facebook. That just means Facebook needs to “re-cache” the URL. You can make Facebook do this by using their Debug Tool. Just enter the URL you are trying to link to, then try to share the link again and it should be fixed.


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