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Website Tonight Album Settings

This information only applies to you if you purchased your Website Tonight account after March 10th, 2011. How to Find Your Original Purchase Date

How to Manage Album Settings in WebSite Tonight

  1. Log into Website Tonight.
  2. Click the Photos and Videos tab (upper left). Now you will see a set of links just below the tabs.
  3. Use the Settings drop-down menu to select Photos and Videos Settings.
    • Site title allows you to rename the Album.
    • Site visibility gives you the option to publish all of your galleries as a standalone website (when checked), or to simply create galleries and decide later where to display them on your website (when not checked).
    • Default Media View let’s you choose the way pictures are displayed (i.e. Thumbnail, Filmstrip, Slideshow, or List tab).
    • Thumbnail View lets you limit the number of thumbnail pictures that show on each page.
    • Gallery View lets you limit the number of galleries your album will show.
    • Photo Downloads allows you to stop people from taking the images from your site by right-clicking and selecting “save”. This is a great feature if you are a photographer and want to protect your work. It’s also good for personal and family pictures.
  4. Click Save