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Quick Shopping Cart & Website Tonight Themes

Case studies show that online shoppers are less likely to submit orders through web stores that do not have the same look and feel as the main website. Therefore, web stores that seamlessly blend with the main site are far more successful. If you are a Website Tonight user then this is good news for you because you can have a matching template and theme on both your website built with Website Tonight and your online store by using Quick Shopping Cart. This gives you the ability to create a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Not all of the available templates work with both Website Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart. Follow the detailed instructions below to browse a list of templates that work in both Website Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart.
In this tutorial we are going to assume you have already completed the basic setup of your Website Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart accounts.

General Overview

  1. Connect Website Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart
  2. (Optional, but Highly Recommended) Select matching templates in both your Website Tonight account and your Quick Shopping Cart account.
  3. Publish both Website Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart

Detailed Instructions

  1. Log into Website Tonight or Quick Shopping Cart (same instructions).
  2. Click on the Templates tab (upper left).
  3. Under Step 1. Select a Design click the Advanced button.
  4. Under Templates that work with put a check mark in the boxes (by clicking on them) next to Site and Store.
  5. Click the Apply button. Now only templates that work with both Website Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart will show as you look for a template.
  6. Use the Category drop-down menu (Under “Step 1. Select a Design” and directly above the “Advanced” button) to browse through the templates.
  7. To select a template simply click on it. You can change the color scheme of the template you choose by clicking the little color boxes next to the templates.
  8. Under Step 2. Apply Your Design click the Apply to My Site button, and then click the Apply to My Store button.
Step 8: If this is your first time setting up either Quick Shopping Cart or Website Tonight then click the Assign Account button under “Your Site” or “Your Store”, whichever applies to you. Use the drop-down menu to select the account to want to connect to this project and click the Assign button. Now you will have the Apply to My Site / Store button.
Don’t forget to publish when you are done making template changes, or the change will only be in the Website Tonight and Quick Shopping Cart designers and not live online.

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Why does my template look broken?

If you built your website using WebSite Tonight 2.0 and now you are working with Website Tonight 4 or newer, then your template may appear incorrectly. This issue only affects certain version 2.0 templates. Most users with this problem reported that their template seemed to go beyond the end of the page, and that different parts of the site were not aligned correctly. The fix is simple, re-publish.

How to Re-Publish Your Website in WebSite Tonight 4.0

  1. Log into Website Tonight.
  2. Click the Publish button in the upper right.
  3. Click Publish All.

If these steps do not resolve the issue then contact your Website Tonight provider so that someone can review your site to determine the cause of the problem.

Website Tonight Template Showcase

The Website Tonight Template Showcase allows you to browse Flash intros, images, audio files, and over 800 variations of the professionally designed templates available in Website Tonight. This gives you the opportunity to see some of the features at a glance. If you already have Website Tonight then this showcase will make it easy to see all the options in one place without having to access separate screens in Website Tonight. Read more…

How to Change Template Images

This step by step video tutorial will show you how to change the background images in your Website Tonight template. Enjoy.

This tutorial shows you how to change background images in Website Tonight. Changing your background images customizes your WebSite Tonight template. You can replace images that don’t fit your website and give it a unique appearance. In this example I’m building a website for my friend Joe’s coffee shop. I’m going to work with a template that doesn’t fit Joe’s business, then customize it.

Let’s start by logging in. Go to in your web browser. Enter your domain, username, and password. Click login. We need to open the Page Designer first, so go to the design menu, and select Launch Page Designer.

Joe’s template has a picture of a barbeque pit, which doesn’t work for his coffee shop. Let’s change that. From the Page tab, click Change Background Image. The Advanced Design Options window shows us which images we can change in the template. Note the image size to help you choose an appropriate size for your new image. We want to get rid of the barbeque picture, so we’ll select that, and then click Change Image.

From the image library we can select one of Website Tonight’s stock images, or we can select something we’ve uploaded from My Images. I’ve already uploaded the photo Joe wanted – the coffee beans are great for his cafe. Select the image you want, and then click OK. Now we see the coffee beans in place of the barbeque. Select an option from the Select Size menu to make your new image display properly. If you only want to make the change to one page, select Apply changes to this page only. This lets you change your websites pages individually. Click Apply, and then click OK.

Let’s take a look at the new site now. It looks perfect! All right, you’re set with the basics on how to change your background image. If you have more questions about Website Tonight browse this site.

Thanks for watching!