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Website Tonight Template Showcase

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The Website Tonight Template Showcase allows you to browse Flash intros, images, audio files, and over 800 variations of the professionally designed templates available in Website Tonight. This gives you the opportunity to see some of the features at a glance. If you already have Website Tonight then this showcase will make it easy to see all the options in one place without having to access separate screens in Website Tonight. Read more…

Video: Website Tonight Walkthrough

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Website Tonight Video Tour by (early 2009)

Thanks for checking out this Show Me Around Actioncast. In this Actioncast, we’ll look at Website Tonight, an Internet based, do-it-yourself Web site creation tool. With Website Tonight, you can easily build a professional-looking Web site, regardless of your level and experience.

When you log in to your Website Tonight account, you’re first taken to the Home Page, where we offer a number of ways to manage your site. In the Site Information section you can: view and edit basic site information and your template, upgrade your account, or edit a specific page you’ve created. The Get Started section let’s you add and design your site pages or add other elements to your site, such as files and images, a forum, guestbook, or Flash intro. You can even connect your Web site to your online store if you have one. You can also access various Tools and Resources, to help manage different elements of your site. We’ve even added help and New Features sections, so you ca view articles on frequently asked questions and check out our latest improvements to Website Tonight.

To build your Web pages, from the Design menu, select “Launch Page Designer.” The Page Design toolbar contains options to modify text (with all the standard formatting options), change layouts, add and delete pages, and insert various items into your page. The toolbar updates based on your selection in the content blocks in the WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) portion of the page. For example, if I click a new content block, I get one set of options; if I click and image in a block, I get different options in the Options tab.

Editing your site is as simple as clicking content blocks and making your changes. After clicking a content block to edit, simply begin typing to enter or modify text. From the insert tab at the top of the screen, you can insert a single image or an entire image collection and other items, including movies, Flash, music, calendars, RSS feeds, Widgets, tables, forms, scripts, you name it.

Website Tonight offers many features to help you design a robust Web site that fits your needs and impresses your family, friends, and clients. We encourage you to work with WebSite Tonight to see how it can best work for you. If you need any assistance, you can access the Help Center by clicking Help in the upper right corner, or by calling Nerd Warehouse at (480) 624-2500 – open 24 / 7 / 365.

Thanks for watching.

Website Tonight Tour – Screen by Screen

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Don’t have a Website Tonight plan just yet? Interested in seeing the “back end” before you make the purchase? In this tour, we walk you through the main screens you’ll encounter in WebSite Tonight. Click the thumbnails to see the full size images.

Getting Started with Website Tonight

Getting Started in Website TonightWith WebSite Tonight you can get your own website up and running using either a pre-built template or you can customize one to fit your personal needs. Select your industry and WebSite Tonight will start you off with a five-page site complete with professional photography and text that’s easy to modify. Or you can build your website from scratch by selecting a blank template and putting in your own text and images.

Choosing WebSite Tonight Templates and Colors

Choosing Templates and Colors in Website TonightWebSite Tonight includes over 300 templates for you to start with. 100 of those templates come complete with professional images and pre-written text. And, with a simple point and click option you can adjust the color scheme to match your personal or business interests and style.

Uploading Images and Files to WebSite Tonight

Uploading Images and Files in Website TonightA collection of over 8,000 free professional-quality images in included with every WebSite Tonight plan. Choose your favorites from these or select from the high quality Fotolia images at around $1 each for unlimited personal or business use. You can even upload your own images into your personal WebSite Tonight photo library to use on your site.

Designing Your WebSite Tonight

Designing Your Website TonightWebSite Tonight works a lot like Microsoft Word. You can highlight, underline and italicize text, create numbered lists, create bulleted lists, insert hyperlinks – you name it. You can even insert HTML directly if you know a little or have a code that was given to you for your site.

Inserting Design Elements

Inserting Design Elements in Website tonightJust because WebSite Tonight is easy doesn’t mean that it can’t do what more expensive and more complicated web builders can do. Using WebSite Tonight’s Insert tool bar you have the option to embed videos and music, add Flash animations and RSS feeds, make text scroll, showoff with a hit counter, and even incorporate JavaScript if you want to.

Choosing Your Website Layout

Choosing Your Website Tonight LayoutWebSite Tonight lets you pick from a variety of webpage layouts. When you choose a layout from the dozens available all of your text and images are automatically moved into the new setup for you. Don’t like the new layout? Not a problem, you can change back or find a new layout with just a few clicks of your mouse. WebSite Tonight makes it super easy.

Customizing Colors in WebSite Tonight

Customizing Website Tonight ColorsThe slick color picker in WebSite Tonight lets you quickly swap the color of the title, text, links, etc. You can use the preselected colors from the color palette or put in an exact color code if you already have one. Once you have selected your colors you can fine tune them by adjusting the hue, saturation, and value to give your website a look and feel that is unique.

Adding a Contact Form to Your WebSite Tonight

Adding a Contact Form to Website TonightCollect info on your website from your customers and other site visitors and have it delivered directly to your email. You can use the information for marketing, communication, or anything else. There are several pre-built contact forms in WebSite Tonight to choose from and you can easily customize them with text boxes, check boxes, click options and more. Or you can start from scratch and build a form for your specific needs.

Adding Video to Your WebSite Tonight

Adding Videos to Website TonightWebSite Tonight lets you upload your personal or business video clips and place them on your site. You can also link to videos from other popular media websites like YouTube and Hulu with just a few clicks. This allows you to share your favorite videos to make your site fun, interactive, and appealing to your website visitors.

Adding a Forum to Your WebSite Tonight

Adding a Forum to Website TonightThe full-featured forum add-on to WebSite Tonight allows your site visitors to communicate with you and eachother directly on your website. With a forum your website visitors can interact by asking questions, giving answers, sharing views, discussing opinions, or whatever else fits your site. But don’t worry, you’ll have full control through administrative and member management options.

Managing Your WebSite Tonight

Managing Your Website TonightWebSite Tonight makes it easy to manage your website with point-and-click organization settings, navigation controls, password protected pages, and more. There is also a built-in backup feature that can save multiple copies of your website so that you can restore a previous version in case you notice that you made a mistake.

Optimizing WebSite Tonight for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimizing Website TonightWebSite Tonight is fully integrated with Google Webmaster Tools. After you’ve built your website Google Webmaster Tools will create a sitemap for you, analyze your website, give you important information about your website (like common keywords and phrases people searched that led them to your website) and even recommend changes to increase your search engine rankings.

Publishing Options in WebSite Tonight

Website Tonight Publishing OptionsWhile you’re building your website for the first time you can use WebSite Tonight’s Coming Soon Page option to show a message to site visitors. Once your website is ready you can see it in action with WebSite Tonight’s preview tool. You can navigate your site and look for anything you may have overlooked. When you’re confident that everything is the way you want it you can launch with just a few clicks.

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