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How to Create a Video Gallery

This information only applies to you if you purchased your Website Tonight account after October 26th, 2010. How to Find Your Original Purchase Date

Did you know that you can create a video gallery in Website Tonight? You can also add videos to your photo gallery. This is a great feature to use if your website promotes a product or service.

How to Add Videos to Galleries in Website Tonight

  1. Log into WebSite Tonight
  2. Click Photos and Videos
  3. Click Upload
  4. Use the Select a Gallery drop-down to choose where to upload the video.
  5. Click Browse, then find the video you want to upload.
  6. Click Upload

Videos can take a few minutes to upload, so be patient. To see the status of your video upload click Tools, and then Upload Status.

Videos are typically large files, so if you aren’t careful you can exceed your Website Tonight disk space space limit, which results in overage fees. Before you upload your videos check to make sure that you have enough space. For more info read, “What are Disk Space and Bandwidth?
To see video file upload requirements in Website Tonight (including accepted file types, file size limitations, and other related information) read this help article: Limitations for Uploading Files in Website Tonight
You must have the most current version AdobeĀ® Flash Player installed to upload videos to Website Tonight. Click this link to upgrade to the newest Flash Player version. It’s simple, secure, and free. Update Your Flash Player