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6 Replies to Website Tonight Boot Camp

  1. Gary says:

    Question 1: I built this site for a client but want to add another choice in the navigation menu, but there isn’t enough room. Is that possible in website tonight? Can you reduce the menu font size?

    Question 2: Is it possible to create longer page names than the character limit set in the program. I had a couple of longer names for SEO purposes?

    By the way, I was really glad to see a site dedicated to website tonight designers. I’m no programmer but I’ve found it very easy to do a lot of cool things without having to know much about coding. Thanks for your reply – Gary

    • Kirkland says:

      Answer #1: Yes, you change the default size of the font in your navigation menu, but this will require the use of “Advanced CSS”. If you are not familiar with CSS code then you wont be able to change the font size. If you do know CSS code then you can make the change in the Advanced CSS section of Website Tonight… log in > Site tab (upper left) > Design drop-down menu (upper left) > Advanced Style Options.

      Answer #2: I’m not sure which “page name” you are referring to. Do you mean the “Browser Title”, “Heading Title”, or the page title that is visible on each page (if you add one)? In any case, you should know that Google will stop attributing value to keywords beyond the first few in each title and heading. This is a result of abuse by web designers that started stuffing keywords in titles to try to manipulate the search results in their favor. This diminished the quality of the users experience, so Google changed the rules (as they often do). You do still want to have keyword rich titles and headings, but you also want to make sure they are short and concise so they are meaningful to the Google bots AND the user.

      More info… Website Tonight SEO for Heading & Browser Titles

      • Gary says:

        Thanks for the great feedback. On Answer #2 I was referring the page URL. Can you make it any longer within Website Tonight? Thank you, -Gary

        • Kirkland says:

          Hi Gary,

          Unfortunately the URL limit is set within the Website Tonight Application, so there isn’t a way to remove the limit. If you discover one you are likely hacking the application which is a violation of the Terms of Service (I’m not suggesting that you are, just making a point).


  2. Ralph Thomas says:

    How can I make the images on a slide show appear larger when clicked on? Or if i use a thumbnail bar how do I get the largest image possible when I click on the thumbnail?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Kirkland says:

      Hi Ralph,

      I am going to assume you are talking about your portfolio slideshow. Website Tonight uses the largest size it has for the full-size image. If you want it to be bigger then upload a larger image before adding it to the slideshow. By default Website Tonight will shrink very large images to optimize the speed of your website, but that’s not what you want if you are showcasing the image. To get around this be sure to select Original Size from the Resize images larger than drop-down menu on the upload page. Website Tonight will then upload the image in its original size. Keep in mind that Website Tonight may still shrink the image when it displays it in the slideshow if the full size image is too large to fit on the screen. So if the person viewing your slideshow has a small monitor or low screen resolution then the image will be sized to fit for them.

      Good question, I hope my answer helps, and thanks for posting.
      ~ Kirkland

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