Braggin’ Rights Bath

Boutique Bath Soaps

Braggin’ Rights Bath is a privately owned gift shop that offers a variety of luxury handmade soaps, bath teas, scrubs, body butters, creams, and more. All without the cost normally associated with boutique spa products. The owner, Tracy Cornell, has been making bath and spa products since she was young, a skill she learned from her mother. About six years ago Tracy started selling her novelty bath products online.

“When I started Braggin’ Rights Bath I added bath teas first”, said Tracy. Then she slowly started adding other bath products. Today she handles every facet of her business from the advertising, networking, site design, administration, creation, photography, etc. “I am the staff, and I love what I do!”

Tracy used GoDaddy’s Website Tonight to create her website, and Quick Shopping Cart to design and manage her online store. When asked about her experience with Website Tonight she said, “Website Tonight has been a great tool. It offers some excellent templates with the ability to customize them to suit your needs. After all, I chose a travel agency template for a bath / spa website. I learn more about how to make my site better every day. It still needs some work, everything is a work in progress, but I am happy with Website Tonight’s overall features. It gives someone like me, who knows absolutely no CSS, the ability to create a very aesthetically pleasing website.”

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Caution: This is not a Website Tonight demo. This is a real-live website. Please do not place test (fraudulent) orders through the shop, or send test (spam) messages through the contact form. Thank you.

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