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What happens when you bottle geeky science and put it on your desk? You get a toy made of magnetic fluid that will mesmerize your co-workers and have everyone talking about it. Checkout this video to see it in action!

Concept Zero is an American based art studio that sells ferrofluid (magnetic liquid) desktop toys in a variety of bottles and suspension liquid colors, each with its own set of magnets. The company is owned by entrepreneur Nikola Ilic who started the company when he first conceptualized this unique office toy in 2008. By 2010 Nickola had a working prototype and needed a website to start selling it.

When Nickola was asked why he selected Website Tonight he said, “I thought about paying a professional to design my site, but I had heard so many horror stories that cost people thousands of dollars.” After months of searching he decided to build one on his own. He purchased a domain from and used the free five-page Website Tonight that came with the domain to build a basic site. “That night I started messing around with some of the templates and realized that it was easy as making a MySpace page! Within 1 months time I upgraded to a 10 page site and had a functioning Quick Shopping Cart, collecting orders for me day and night.”

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Caution: This is not a Website Tonight demo. This is a real-live website. Please do not place test (fraudulent) orders through the shop, or send test (spam) messages through the contact form. Thank you.

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