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Smashing Golf and Tennis Apparel

Smashing Golf & Tennis is a high-end fashion apparel company that specializes in women’s golf and tennis clothing. The company was launched in February of 2011 by three women (Kelly, Jayne, and Alyssa) that shared a common grief, “We hated the fat sucking, muffin top inducing styles – we wanted something that was figure flattering”. Since the launch of Smashing the company has been featured by GolfDigest, the Chicago Tribune, and CBS Chicago just to name a few.

So what makes Smashing such a hit and different from all the other golf and tennis apparel manufactures? According to Jayne Drew, Managing Partner & CFO, their success can be attributed to the fact that they offer “one key ingredient that competitors do not – shapewear.” The compression works to keep muscles warm (aiding in athletic performance) as well as to camouflage women’s common problem areas, and all the garments are made with fabrics that help transfer moisture away from the body. Smashing calls it “Fashion that Performs.”

In addition to having a rock solid product and a fresh approach for an established niche these women are business savvy. Their website sheds light on the professional experience they brought together to form Smashing. “Kelly was a VP at a top advertising agency where she specialized in consumer insights/strategy writing and how to target consumers. Jayne has vast international business experience holding high-level positions in both the Financial Services and IT industries. And while Alyssa spent over a decade in the Executive Recruitment and Corporate Human Resource Management field, her creative skills and experience with fashion photography, styling and design have been the most useful talents brought to Smashing.”

When these three women decided to take on a competitive industry they knew they would need a website from the start. “As a start-up, we were looking for a low-cost easy solution to quickly have a web presence, and GoDaddy’s Website Tonight seemed to fit the bill. While we’re generally satisfied with the look of our website now, we cannot say that it was as easy as we would have liked to get going. Some of the problem was the learning curve, and some of the problem was our high expectations and perhaps the partner’s different ideas on what the look and feel of the site”, said Jayne. “However, when we queried firms to build us an ecommerce site to our specifications, estimates ranged from $15,000 to $25,000. Therefore, with that perspective, we’re satisfied with our website for a fraction of the cost.”

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